LEARNING TO DRAW ~ with Michael Rastovich

The name of this course is "Learning to Draw". This is not an Art class. It is not even a drawing class. This is a “Learning to Draw” class. Our goal of course, that by the end of it all is that you will begin to know how to draw, but there is a difference between Learning to Draw and Drawing.

Throughout this course I hope to speak profoundly and wax poetically about drawing. I hope to enlighten you with demonstrations. I hope to excite your minds and move your hearts. But my musings on the matter, no matter how precise, will not teach you to draw.

Drawing is a singular pursuit, unique and complete unto itself. The only way to learn to draw - is to draw – and then draw some more. Looking at drawings is not drawing. Speaking of drawing is not drawing. Only drawing is drawing, and no one can do it but you.

This is an 10 class course. We meet every Wednesday and Friday at Gallery Deep, 6:00 to 8:00. I hope you can attend every class but I realize how today's schedules can be so if you need to miss a day, no problem. Come when you can. You get all 10 classes.